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Kaunas, Aleksotas

Short-term and long-term housing rental Kaunas, Aleksotas

Apartments for short stay in Kaunas, Aleksotas

30 Calendar updated
1 0,140419,140412,140420,140414,140421,140422,140415,140430,140433,140413,140423,140429,140432,140428,140426,140427,140418,140425,140431,140410,140411,140416,140424
Apartment Kaunas, Aleksotas

Spacious Studio apartment by Polo apartments

Apartment · room · 4 pers.
30 per night
45 Calendar updated
1 0,139932,139934,139931,139946,139948,139945,139933,139936,139954,139952,139953,139935,139941,139940,139943,139950,139937,139938,139942,139949,139944,139939,139947,139951
Apartment Kaunas, Aleksotas

Calm and private apartment by Polo Apartments

Apartment · room · 4 pers.
45 per night
1 0,133129,133144,133135,133130,133131,133132,133134,133136,133140,133146,133141,133145,133138,133143,133139,133137,133133,133148,133142
Apartment Kaunas, Aleksotas

BOTANICAL GARDEN LOFT - romantic and cozy apartment

Apartment · room · 4 pers.
50 per night
1 0,133051,133064,133065,133052,133053,133054,133055,133056,133057,133058,133059,133061,133063,133066,133062,133060
Apartment Kaunas, Aleksotas

Holiday apartment in the center of Kaunas

Apartment · room · 2 pers.
35 per night
1 0,133045,133049,133047,133038,133050,133048,133037,133043,133039,133040,133042,133041,133044,133046
Apartment Kaunas, Aleksotas

Boutique apartment in Kaunas with sauna and jacuzzi

Apartment · room · 3 pers.
70 per night
1 0,114833,114834,114837,116715,116716,114832,114819,114820,114821,114822,114823,114824,114825,114826,114831,114828,114829,114839,114838,114840,114842,114836
Apartment Kaunas, Aleksotas

JACUZZI CINEMA LOFT - cinema & jacuzzi

Apartment · room · 6 pers.
120 per night

Flats for short stay in Kaunas, Aleksotas

1 0,137330,137331,137332,137333,137334,137335,137327,137338,137325,137326,137328,137336,137337,137339,137340,137324,137329,137323,137341,137322
Flat Kaunas, Aleksotas

One room apartment - 1,7 km to the center

Flat · room · 3 pers.
35 per night
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