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Short-term and long-term housing rental Molėtai
Small town with beautiful lakes and surrounding nature
Molėtai is a small, actively developing town surrounded by nature and lakes, which primarily attracts nature enthusiasts who enjoy spending time outdoors with friends, camping, fishing, and visiting estates.
All these factors attract weary city dwellers who seek an opportunity to enjoy nature, spend their weekends in the forest or by the lakeside on their own, or rent a small summer cottage with a sauna for a comfortable getaway.

Summer houses for short stay in Molėtai

1 0,137408,137395,137398,137402,137400,137401,137397,137394,137399,137403,137404,137396,137421,137406,137412,137413,137414,137415,137419,137420,137407
Summer house Moletai

Dive into the forest Inturkėj

Summer house · room · 6 pers.
100 per night
1 0,117194,117182,117183,117185,117186,117188,117189,117190,117192,117193,117191,117187,117652,117653,117654,117655
Summer house Moletai

A piece corner on the lake for two in the forest of Labanoras

Summer house · room · 2 pers.
50 per night

Homesteads for short stay in Molėtai

1 0,107888,107890,107893,107891,107886,107889,107892,107887,107894
Whole homestead Moletai

House and bathhouse on the lake in Moletai

Whole homestead · room · 5 pers.
50 per night

Rooms for short stay in Molėtai

1 0,15591,15592,15593,15594,15595,15596
Separate room Moletai

Recreation center "ruta" in moletai near the lake bebrusai

Separate room · room · 18 pers.
20 per night
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