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Short-term and long-term housing rental Rusne
Rusnė is a small town located on the border between Lithuania and the Kaliningrad Oblast, between the rivers Atmata and Skirvytė. The uniqueness of its location lies in the fact that the town is essentially situated on an island, and to enter its picturesque streets, one must cross a bridge connecting it to the adjacent territory.

Crossing the bridge, visitors find themselves on the opposite bank of the river, where picturesque streets and historical buildings are situated. The town exudes an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility, embodying a rich cultural heritage and history, dating back to the 14th century when the first settlements appeared.

This small island town offers not only remarkable architectural monuments, such as ancient churches and fishing villages but also diverse events like the biennial "Come out, come out of the courtyard Rusnė," which introduces art elements and cultural experiences to the town.

Apartments for short stay in Rusne

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Apartment Rusne

Apartments for rent in Rusne

Apartment · room · 4 pers.
35 per night
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